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How to Wear Contact Lenses Safely

Despite the popularity of wearing contact lenses, there are several health and safety concerns to consider. After prescribing your contact lenses, your eye doctor will surely give you helpful instructions on how to properly care for your lenses and eyes. Here are some more practical tips that could protect your eyes.

Popular Concerns

Is it okay to wear my contact lenses past their scheduled time?

While some contact lenses are acceptable for only daily use, others are to be changed each month. Making sure to replace your lenses no later than their scheduled time will protect you against any accidental outbreak of eye infection. Remember how vital it is to replace your lenses with any indication of pain or discomfort.

Am I cleaning my contact lenses correctly?

It is vital to always wash your hands before touching your contact lenses and your eyes. Before replacing your lenses, regularly wash them in solution. In order to prevent bacterial growth, replace your lens case routinely.

Do I need a prescription for fashion, colored, or special effect contact lenses?

Although not all contact lenses involve vision correction, most do require a prescription. Patients require customized lenses that properly fit your individual eye. Using a lens that isn’t fitted could lead to discomfort.

I have a prescription for eyeglasses. Do I need another exam to get my contacts?

If you currently wear eyeglasses and are looking to get contact lenses, then your doctor will require you to have another exam. You will need one to properly examine the surface of your eye to best fit your contacts. Also, your prescription may slightly differ from your regular eyeglass prescription.

Is it safe to wear contact lenses while swimming?

Most eye doctors recommend avoiding wearing contact lenses in the water. This is to prevent the possibility of an eye infection. If wearing your lenses in necessary, then try wearing swimming goggles while swimming.

Keeping these tips in mind will help to keep your eyes safe and healthy!

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