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Eye Exam

Stay Safe on the job with an

Occupational Eye Exam at Prairie Eye Care.

Many occupations require that employees meet specific vision requirements to complete occupational tasks correctly and safely. Find out how we can help with occupational and MPI forms for work.

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Occupational Vision Care program!


Occupational Vision Testing

Jobs that involve depth perception, judging distances, reading job-specific instructions, distinguish colors, hours in front of a computer, operate heavy machinery or maintaining active night vision, may require vision testing.
Prairie Eye Care is able to provide employers in Manitoba reports of visual acuity, ocular health, and function. An eye examination is more thorough than a vision screening and will ensure that workers are able to meet a target level of function required to complete the visual demands of their job.

Vision and Productivity

Based on the findings from the Occupational eye exam, the worker can be placed in a position for which they are best suited, according to his or her visual skills. Additionally, the exam can detect previously undiagnosed diseases or refractive errors. Identifying and correcting even the smallest refractive error can potentially increase a worker’s efficiency and therefore the company’s productivity.

It is Recommended...

That occupational vision testing should occur yearly to allow the employer and optometrist to track any changes in visual function or ocular health that could affect either the safety or eye health of a worker.

Prairie Eye Care has proudly worked with a number of large Manitoba companies to provide comprehensive eye exams and on-site occupational testing.

Call us today to arrange an eye exam. We direct bill most insurances.

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