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Infant and Child

Eye Exam

80% of learning is visual!


GOOD VISION is important for success in school, physical development, and overall well-being.


At Prairie Eye Care we are happy to see children as young as 6 months old if parents, guardians, or pediatricians have concerns about visual health and development.  Typically, a child's first eye exams should be around 2 years old. 

Vision and eye health can change rapidly as a child grows, and poor vision and other eye problems can develop without the child or parent noticing.

Early detection is key when it comes to children's vision, we recommend yearly eye exams for our little patients.

There is no out of pocket charge for a pediatric eye exam

Our little patients...

A pediatric eye exams at Prairie Eye Care evaluates ocular health, binocular vision, ocular motility and visual acuity. Our trained doctors are able to do the testing without having to ask children questions.

We love to provide eye care to childcare in our clinics. We are happy to care for children of all ages and development stages. Our doctors are comfortable providing care to childcare with learning difficulties, ADHD and we are happy to work with teachers, occupational therapist and pediatricians to ensure the best outcome.

During a comprehensive pediatric eye exam, a child’s eye may need to be dilated. This part of the examination requires drops and provides the doctor with a more in-depth look at the ocular health and in certain situations the refractive error or prescription.

Vision screenings at schools or at a general primary care doctor, do not replace a full eye exam. Typically, screenings involve machines that provide general information, that is not accurate in determining glasses prescriptions, binocular vision problems, or ocular health conditions.


Through a Prairie Eye Care pediatric eye exam, our optometrists can uncover issues with reading, tracking, and eye movement disorders; as well as ocular health conditions and glasses prescription.

Portrait of a Boy with Glasses
Perscription Glasses


We have HUNDREDS of durable frame options for glasses, specialty frames for children with hearing aids and a special line of eye wear called “Erin’s World”.

We are happy to provide Winnipeg, with a program for glasses that grows with your child, Eye-m-Growing Kids Program.  This program brings  affordable, durable, high-quality lenses to our pediatric population.

How does it work?

The Eye-M-Growing Kids Program supports your family through the development of their visual needs. We recognize that families have budgets and that a child’s vision may change frequently as they develop.


The Eye-M-Growing Kids Program offers FREE LENSES within a 16 month period of the original order for children 16 years old and under. You can get a second pair of glasses with the same prescription or a new set of lenses with a new prescription at your yearly eye exam. Call us for more details.

If you have any concerns about your child's vision or ocular health don't hesitate to contact us! 

freel lens program
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