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Contact Lens Exams

Determining which contact lens is right for you is more than just picking a lens!

There are hundreds of lenses available to a patient at Prairie Eye Care!


Did you know?

  • We ship directly to your home/ work

  • If your prescription changes we exchange your old lenses for new ones, no charge

  • Our pricing is hard to beat! SHOP NOW

  • At Prairie Eye Care we fit contact lenses specially designed for kids & controlling myopia/ nearsighted progression

  • Throw away reading glasses by using contacts for reading and distance 

  • Transition contact lenses- good for sports, computer work and night time driving



Ocular and corneal assessments are important when determining the correct contact lens. Using results from refraction and corrective lens analysis, your eye doctor will be able to provide you with a contact lens prescription.

This prescription is different from your eyeglasses prescription because, while eyeglass lenses are positioned approximately 12 millimeters away from your eyes, contacts sit directly on the surface of the eyes. An improper fitting or inaccurate contact lens prescription may cause damage to the health of your eyes and poor vision.

Once your eye care provider has determined the best lens for you, your contact lenses will be ordered, you will be provided with care and hygiene instructions, how long to wear them, and how to store them.

Your Prairie Eye Care Optometrist and Trained Contact Lens Fitter, are experienced in fitting a variety of types of contact lenses:

soft lenses and RGP/ rigid contact lenses, coloured contact lenses and specialty multifocal/ bifocal contacts for seeing distance and near.

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