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Join Harry on His Adventure

Harry is a young bear 

who is having trouble seeing. He needs to see far and he needs to see near but everything is blurry! Reading is hard and playing isn’t fun anymore. When he tells his parents, they take him to the eye doctor. Harry tries on glasses with polka dots and even a pair with feathers and a beak, which ones will he choose for his  

perfect pair?

The Perfect Pair


About the Author


Harry the Bear and the Perfect Pair

 is Dr. Renée Phipps’ debut children’s book. For years she has enjoyed sharing stories with her young patients and now she is proud to share this story of a young bear unsure about his visit to the eye doctor. It’s a fun and playful change from her past contributions to professional articles.  Renée is an optometrist, who has practiced in a variety of healthcare settings and cities throughout 

North America. She enjoys reading and spending time with her 3 children and husband in her spare time.

Dr. Phipps is looking forward to sharing the book with her pediatric patients at Prairie Eye Care!

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