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How Radiofrequency Helps Treat Dry Eyes

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Part of great eye health involves moisturized and lubricated eyes as this helps prevent infection and stops your eyes from experiencing pain, itching, redness, blurry vision, and sensitivity to light. If you are experiencing dry eyes on a regular basis, it can be caused by the natural aging process, an imbalance in the tear-flow system, medical conditions, or problems with the eyelids. When dry eyes are not treated, complications like eye infections, damage to the surface of your eyes, and an overall decreased quality of life can occur. Although you can take measures like taking eye breaks, adding moisture to the air and manipulating other aspects of your environment, wearing protective eyewear, and using eye drops, it can be a good idea to consider other long-term therapies.

Using a radiofrequency device is a treatment that helps to address the underlying causes of dry eyes and give patients long-term relief. It does so by safely treating dry eyes, wrinkles, and baggy eyes for a healthier and more youthful appearance as well as elevated eye health. Meibomian Gland Disorder is the leading cause of dry eyes and eye discomfort, and this new radiofrequency device can help relieve its symptoms and look at the surrounding eye area.

How does the radiofrequency device work?

The radiofrequency device comes out of a handpiece that your technician will move around the eye area. It will gently heat the skin and increase the overall temperature of the skin for a certain amount of time. This way, the radiofrequency energy will be delivered to the surface and subcutaneous layers of the skin and trigger the body’s natural ability to produce new collagen and regenerate elastin. The new collagen fibers contract and become denser, make the skin tighter and consequently reduce excess skin in the eyelids. Radiofrequency treatment also stimulates clogged tear glands and creates an ideal surface for the eye that will respond well to other forms of treatment. To complement the procedure, your eye care professional will provide supplemental recommendations to improve the quality of your tears to prevent other recurrences of dry eyes.

Before, During, and After the Procedure

Before the procedure, you’ll go through the consultation process where you and your eye health professional will discuss your history with dry eyes, your goals, and will draw out a personalized treatment plan for you. The treatment will simply involve a gentle warming sensation that lasts 20 to 45 minutes. Being designed with comfort in mind, the device does not have a harsh effect on the skin, and the only negative results that you will experience include a slight redness on the skin. The procedure involves zero downtime.

Prairie Eye Care’s Ocular Wellness and Dry Eye Clinic has served to treat patients with chronic and severe dry eye disease. With their special clinic dedicated specifically to dry eyes, their patient-centered approach paired with their technology-based treatment addresses the cause of the most common type of dry eye. If you’re ready to make long-term changes to treat your dry eyes, head over to or call 204-817-8213 and book a consultation with an eye care professional.

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