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Contact Lenses: Know Your Options

Contact lens users have a wide range of options with new innovations in the visual field. Unfortunately, this can lead to confusion for many individuals. They are left without knowing which option is best for their own circumstances. The most important thing is to schedule an eye exam with your Prairie Eye Care doctor for help in choosing what is right for you. In the meantime, continue reading on to learn more about different contact lens options.

  1. Hard contact lenses allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea while maintaining the proper shape around the eye. Some advantages to this option include durability, easy to wear and care for, retain shape, does not dehydrate, can be used for most astigmatisms, and are available in bifocal and multifocal options. However, the can get scratched, accumulate debris, and take consistent wear for a comfortable feel.

  2. Soft contact lenses are made out of a flexible plastic that is comfortable to wear. They stay in their place and have a small adjustment period. Soft contact lenses can be used to correct issues such as astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia. However, they do have a higher rate of infection and are not as durable as hard contact lenses.

  3. Disposable soft lenses are a healthy and more convenient option. They are perfect for individuals with allergies or those concerned with acquiring infection. Monthly, weekly and daily disposable soft lenses are available.

  4. Daily wear & extended wear lenses are soft contact lenses that can be taken out during the night for cleaning. If needed, they can be worn throughout the night, but this leaves an increased risk for infection.

Contact your eye doctor for more assistance in choosing the best option for your eyes!

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