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Understanding How Smoking Harms Your Eyes

We all know that smoking is bad for your lungs, but what about your eyes?

It’s important to understand how smoking harms your eyes and how its effects can be devastating for your overall eye health. Always make sure to schedule regular examinations to keep a close watch on your eye health whether you smoke or not.

Here’s a detailed look at 5 ways smoking can affect your eye health.

1. Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are one of the most common issues for those who smoke or are around others who smoke a lot.

When smoke gets in your eyes, the irritation can become severely annoying, with a constant feeling as if something is in your eyes. Smoking can lead to a lack of tear production, which makes it painful to keep your eyes open for long periods of time.

Dry eyes due to smoking can worsen over time leading to more serious and severe eye-related issues including changes in your vision

2. Eye Disease

Uveitis is a condition that refers to the middle layer of the eye (uvea) that gets inflamed.

Smokers tend to deal with this condition more often than others. Toxins in the air or in your body increase the chances of getting Uveitis.

If you’re not careful, complications from Uveitis can become serious and require extensive eye treatment to correct.

3. Increased Chance of Diabetic Retinopathy

Studies show smokers have increased chances of suffering from diabetes.

With the onset of diabetes, you may suffer from an eye condition known as diabetic retinopathy.

This condition revolves around weakened vision which can lead to complete vision loss.

4. Second-Hand Smoking Effects

A lot of people focus on avoiding smoking but don't realize the impact of second-hand smoke on their eyes.

As you learn more about how smoking harms your eyes, you’ll notice that second-hand smoke is just as bad for your eyes as first-hand smoking. Smoke spreads through the air and ends up in your lungs no matter where it comes from, and the same goes for your eyes.

Second-hand smoke can leave you with the same eye damages that first-hand smoking does, including many eye diseases. This’s why it is important to avoid being around smokers as much as possible.

5. Infant Eye Disease

Infants born from pregnant smokers often suffer from various infant eye diseases.

This condition results from an underdeveloped optic nerve, which can lead to blindness. It’s essential to avoid smoking or be around second-hand smoke when pregnant.

If you don’t pay attention to the harmful effects of smoking, it’s possible to leave your child with a damaged or underdeveloped vision.

Final Thoughts

Smoking is not only dangerous for your lungs but dangerous for the eyes as well.

It's important to stay away from smoking whether it's in your hand or someone else's, as the negative effects on your eyes are the same.

When you go to light up that next cigarette, just remember that the impact on your eyes can be severe, painful, and life-changing.

Contact Prairie Eye Care today to schedule your appointment and get your eye health back on track.

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