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Diabetic Eye Care Specialists In Edmonton

One of the most common side effects of diabetes is vision loss. The disease attacks blood vessels in your eyes, which will lead to retinal damage and eventually diabetic blindness or other eye problems if left untreated for long periods at a time.

The best way you can protect yourself from diabetic eye disease is to have comprehensive dilated eye exams at least once a year. During this exam, your Prairie Eye Care doctor will look for signs of diabetic retinopathy and other eye problems related to diabetes.

How Diabetes Affects Your Vision

Having diabetes affects not only your general bodily health but also your eye health. High blood sugar can cause a variety of problems, such as blurry vision, cataracts, and glaucoma. 

The most common problems caused by diabetic eye disease are:

  • Retinal damage – The retina is the part of your eye that sends signals to your brain, allowing you to see. Diabetes can damage the blood vessels in your retina, causing them to leak blood or become blocked.

  • Diabetic macular edema – This is a condition caused by leaking blood vessels in the macula, the part of your retina responsible for central vision. When fluid accumulates in the macula, it swells and causes vision loss.

  • Glaucoma – This is a condition that damages the optic nerve, which carries signals from your retina to your brain. Diabetes can cause an increase in the pressure inside your eye, which damages the optic nerve over time.

  • Cataracts – A cataract is a clouding of the eye's lens. Diabetes can cause cataracts to form at an earlier age than usual.

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The Diabetic Eye Exam

During a diabetic eye exam, your Prairie Eye Care doctor will:

  • Look for signs of retinal damage, such as leaking blood vessels or blockages

  • Check for diabetic macular edema

  • Check the pressure inside your eyes

  • Look for signs of cataracts


If your Prairie Eye Care doctor finds any problems, they will work with you to develop a treatment plan. This may include medications, laser surgery, or surgery to remove the clouded lens in your eye.

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Stay On "TRACK"

All forms of diabetic eye disease can potentially lead to vision loss or blindness. It is for this reason that it is especially important for people with diabetes to get their eyes checked at least once a year. Early detection and treatment of diabetic eye diseases is the best way to protect your vision.
Prairie Eye Care recommends that our diabetic patients “stay on TRACK” in-between visits to one of our eye care clinics: *

  • Take your medications

  • Reach and maintain a healthy weight

  • Add physical activity to your daily routine

  • Control your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol

  • Kick the smoking habit.


It is important to have a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year if you have diabetes. To schedule your appointment, call Prairie Eye Care Edmonton today.

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