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Surgical Consultations

At Prairie Eye Care in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we want to make sure that all of your eye health needs are met. This includes providing personal consultations for surgical procedures such as LASIK and other refractive or elective surgeries. We are happy to work with other members of your healthcare team to pass on our findings and recommendations so that the best decision can be made for your needs.

Pre-Operative Care

If you are undergoing a surgical procedure, it’s important to take care of your eyes before and after the procedure. A physical and possibly an EKG and bloodwork may need to be done before the surgery to ensure that you have the required health standards. Your Prairie Eye Care Optometrist will ensure all the paperwork is complete and sent directly to the surgeon. Your Optometrist can also inform your Family doctor of your condition and care plan to ensure all of your health care advocates are on the same page.

Post-Operative Care

After the surgery, you’ll receive detailed instructions as to what activities you are allowed or not allowed to do. Generally, you’ll be able to return to all normal activities the day after surgery as long as they aren’t overly strenuous (for example, high-intensity sports or lifting objects that may cause strain). You will need to treat your eyes and eye area with care as they heal. Your eyes will be sensitive to light and glare, so sunglasses will be needed for comfort. In most cases, a follow-up visit will be needed the day after surgery. Your Prairie Eye Care Optometrist will communicate with your surgeon and assist in your post operative care.

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