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As more than 80% of a child’s learning is based on vision, you can imagine how important good vision is for success in school, physical development, and overall well-being. Vision and eye health can go through changes rapidly as a child grows, and poor vision and other eye problems can develop without the child even being aware of them, so eyes should regularly be examined.

Pediatric Eye Exams

Vision screenings are performed by a pediatrician, family physician, or other health care provider during a child’s early years. At the newborn age, a red reflex test is performed to ensure that the baby’s eyes are normal. A second screening for eye health should be performed at a well-child exam between six months and the first birthday. Between the ages of 3 and 3½, a child’s visual acuity and focusing ability is measured.

Comprehensive Children’s Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam is more thorough and goes more in-depth than a vision screening. It involves the dilation of the pupil for a closer look at the overall health of the eye and visual system and can facilitate the diagnosis of visual problems. This eye exam may be recommended if a child fails their vision screening or is somehow unable to complete it, has a vision complaint or exhibits irregular eye behavior, is referred by a pediatrician or school nurse, or has a learning disability, developmental delay, or neuropsychological condition.

Your Child’s First Eye Exam

In general, it is recommended that your child’s first eye exam is completed before their 2nd birthday. A common misconception about early childhood eye exams is the idea that children must be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet to be able to best complete the eye exam. However, this is not the case; in fact, children can have their eyes examined as early as six months of age, well before they start to recognize all the letters of the alphabet. After the first exam, annual visits to the optometrists are recommended.

If you suspect that your child is suffering from an eye health or visual problem, our Winnipeg eye doctors will be happy to evaluate him or her right away. Also, at Prairie Eye Care, there is no out-of-pocket expense for your child’s eye examination!

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