Comprehensive Eye Exam

Eye Exams

At Prairie Eye Care in Winnipeg, our primary goal is to help you maintain optimal eye health. Comprehensive eye exams are an important part of this care. Even if you have perfect vision and don’t think that you have any problems with your eyes, it’s important to visit your eye care professional annually for an eye exam. Many eye-related health issues have no noticeable early warning signs and can only be detected by a professional. Getting your eyes checked regularly cannot only catch problems in their early stages (when they’re more easily treated) but can also evaluate the general health of your eyes. At Prairie Eye Care, our eye exams generally consist of the following:

  • Vision testing at all distances

    This test is usually performed using an eye chart to measure the sharpness of your vision.

  • Evaluation of color vision and depth perception

    Color blind tests can alert your doctor of possible eye health problems that may be affecting your color vision.

  • Binocular vision/eye teaming evaluations

  • Examination of the outside and inside of the eye

  • Any additional testing that your doctor believes is necessary for your eye health

  • Screening for glaucoma

    Technically called non-contact tonometry, or NCT, the test for glaucoma is commonly known as the “puff-of-air test.” This is because it measures the pressure inside your eyes by testing your eye’s resistance to the puff of air that is blown onto its surface. However, at our Winnipeg eye care centres, rather than the uncomfortable puff-of-air test, we have replaced this traditional test using iCare technology, in addition to retinal imaging.

You should expect your eye exam to last for approximately 30 minutes, depending on your eye care needs and the number and complexity of tests to evaluate your vision and eye health.

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