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The fix for dry eyes

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Many glasses and contact wearers complain of dry eyes and do not fully understand what is actually causing the issue. Our team at Prairie Eye Care in Winnipeg, Manitoba is eager to provide education to individuals regarding their eye health and give patients practical suggestions and treatments that can improve their eyes. If you struggle with dry eyes in Winnipeg, then continue reading on to see how our Prairie Eye Care clinic can help.

Source of moisture: The eyes have it

Our eyes are experts at taking care of themselves. They provide moisture in several different methods including through the lacrimal gland. This is located in the upper outer area of the individual eye and is responsible for producing tears. There is also a network of glands located in the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the white surface of the eye and under the eyelids that produces mucus and water to lubricate the eye. Also, glands create an oily substance at the edge of the lids. Every time you blink your eyes, they are being lubricated and creating a freshly wet surface.

What happens if we have no more tears?

The older we get, the less tears we have as the production slow down. These often leaves older patients with dry eye syndrome. It can create a burning and gritty feeling in the eye that leaves patients feeling uncomfortable. A wide range of issues can cause dry eye syndrome including the following:

  1. Overuse of contact lenses

  2. Surgery

  3. Looking at electronic devices for long periods of time

  4. Exposure to dust, smoke, or other pollutants

  5. Side effects of medications

  6. Age

  7. Underlying health conditions

The best step is to talk to your optometrist to first figure out what is causing your dry eyes. This is essential in finding an effective way to eliminate the issue or prevent it from occurring again. Don’t let your dry eyes go untreated. Our Prairie Eye Care team in Winnipeg can suggest a wide range of practical treatments to help find you much needed relief. Contact our clinic for more information regarding treatments today!

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