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Solved! How To Make Makeup Work With Glasses

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

If you’re someone who wears glasses, you know the process of applying makeup can be a struggle and chaotic. If not handled well, makeup can end up running, and leave you looking messy.

Makeup applied correctly enhances your eyes and also hides blemishes on your face, but for people who wear glasses, they face unique challenges of keeping their makeup looking exactly the way they want it.

If you are tired of your glasses ruining your makeup, this article is for you. Below are common problems and how to fix them, giving you that perfect look that you soo much deserve.

Problem - Eyelashes Touching Your Lenses.

Ladies admire having long fluttery lashes. For this reason, there are several alternatives to lengthening mascara in the beauty industry. One of the worst nightmares is having long lashes and having to wear your glasses. The act of eyelashes having to hit your lenses each and every time you blink is very annoying and disturbing.

You could consider wearing your lenses at the tip of your nose. However, this will make you look like an old lady.


Use a pair of eyelash curlers to curl your eyelashes away from your glasses and upwards. It will prevent them from constantly brushing against your lenses. Another option is trying to focus on the roots of the lashes. It will add more volume rather than making them longer, reducing the brushing effect on the glasses.

Problem - Having your lenses smudged by the foundation.

Any makeup lover must have foundation as it is the base of any makeup.

Wearing glasses with your foundation will have you smear foundation all over your lenses by the end of the day. Glasses often rub away and smudge the foundation on your nose and at the tip of the nose, leaving you with red patches and messed-up frames.

Another solution is to switch to contact lenses.


Set the base perfectly. To achieve this, you will have to apply a lasting foundation during the start and slowly remove any excess liquid. Then carefully apply quality powder or use a spray to keep your makeup intact.

Problem - Having Circles In Your Eyes Due To Wearing Glasses.

It is a problem faced by almost all glasses wearers.


The solution to this problem is having a good concealer. Make plans and buy a heavy-duty, high-quality concealer that will last the whole day. To have a brightening effect, look for a thick and creamy concealer that is lighter than your skin tone. To keep it in place, use a spray or powder when setting your concealer.

Problem - Mascara Flaking On Your Lenses.

Since glasses are worn too close to the eyes, they tend to smudge mascara resulting in black flames on the frames and lenses. It ruins your mascara and messes your glasses up.


The type of mascara you use plays an important role. Use moisturizing and creamy mascara that is less likely to flake and dry out. Rather than using the regular mascara, opt for waterproof mascara, which is long-lasting and more water resistant.

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