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Men’s Vision Health

Everyone knows that men and women have a wide range of differences. This fact does not exclude their eyes and vision health.

For one thing, each group has its own risks in terms of health diseases. For example, men are at lower risk for eye diseases. Additionally, men and women do not process visual information the same way. Men are better at sensing rapid movement and spotting fine details while women are more sensitive at distinguishing colors. Another difference related to seeing colors between men and women: men are more likely to be colorblind.

During puberty, both males and females go through a lot of changes. This includes the way the eyes grow and change. For boys, as the eyes grow longer, they may experience temporary nearsightedness. This sometimes goes away and sometimes becomes a permanent effect, but it can easily be corrected with eyeglasses or contacts.

Though safety glasses are important for everyone, they can have more importance for men as they are more likely to play high-impact sports and do labor-intensive work than women. For this reason, they are at higher risk for accidental eye injuries, and are therefore advised to be more diligent about wearing protective gear.

In addition to wearing safety glasses, there are some other steps that men can take to improve their eye health. A diet that includes foods like spinach, kale, tuna, salmon, eggs, nuts, and citrus fruits (because they are rich in vitamins A and C and omega-3 fatty acids) is good for the eyes as well as overall health. Another way to promote eye health is to follow the 20-20-20 rule if staring at a screen is a regular part of the day. This rule says that, for every 20 minutes spent working, take a 20-second break looking at something 20 feet away. Doing so will help prevent digital eye strain.

Whether man or woman, adult or child, healthy vision is a precious thing, and steps should be taken to preserve it.

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