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5 Tips for Traveling with Contact Lenses

You have plans to travel this coming season, and you wear contacts, it is time you start prepping for traveling with them in tow. To ensure that your travels stay smooth, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all things that will help!

The Solution for Contact Lens Solution

It has happened to the best of us, but sometimes we can tend to forget our prized possession of contact solution either at a friend’s house, or even a hotel room. In order to ensure that you aren’t left without contact solution, it can be helpful to take two bottles with you on your travels. There are also solutions in smaller travel-friendly sizes if you are traveling with only a carry-on.

Consider Purchasing a Travel Kit

Travel kids can be really handy for contact wearers as well. They tend to be small enough to carry in your purse or coat pocket, and a good one will have everything you need. Some of these travel kids can even include a mirror that can be a lifesaver when finding yourself needing to put your contacts on or off when you’re away from your hotel room.

Traveling Abroad? Travel With Your Contact Lens Information

If you are planning to travel to another country where you don’t speak the language, try planning ahead to have your contact lens prescription information with you at all times. Hopefully, it won’t need to come to this, but if you need to tell a local optometrist that you’ve lost your contact lenses, knowing some translated phrases can be super helpful.

Take Along Your Current Eye Doctor’s Contact Info

Again, this may not be necessary, but it may be something not many of us think to write down. If you do end up needing this information, you’ll be happy that you took the extra minute to included. Be sure to have your optometrist number and email, and be ready to share it with a local eye doctor if you need to.

Pack Your Eyeglasses

Finally, this is a no-brainer, but for those of us that may lose contacts, damage them while we were doing some kind of activity, or simply forgot to pack extras, packing your eyeglasses can be a lifesaver in terms of being able to see your surroundings wherever you’re traveling.

As a fellow contact wear, it is important to take the time to plan ahead in order to see while on your travels. We at Prairie Eye Care in Winnipeg, Manitoba, are ready to answer any vision related questions that may arise. Contact our office today!

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