Our tonometer, the iCare, allows us to measure eye pressure, helps us to detect glaucoma and any pressure issues present in the eye, but without that dreaded puff of air that used to accompany the test.



Our OCT allows us to take precise 3D images of the front and inside of the eye. This instrument can help our optometrists detect corneal disease, monitor diabetic and glaucoma changes, and many more retinal conditions more closely.


iTerminal 2

This piece of advanced technology allows for glasses lens customization and the perfect measurement each and every time.

Zeiss Humphrey

Zeiss Humphrey
Visual Field Analyzer

The Zeiss Humphrey visual field analyzer used is instrumental in diagnosing glaucoma and managing it. It can also help us to detect any issues between the brain and the eye. The model we use is the newest available and has helped tremendously to speed up the process during an appointment.

Acuity Chart

Acuity Chart &
Digital Phoropter

The classic eye chart has been a staple at every optometrist office for years, but with the introduction of digital visual acuity tests, there may be less hanging up. The classic eye chart was helpful for certain eye tests but did not help with others. The digital alternative allows for much more precise measurement.

Digital Vision Chart

Vision Chart

For children, the digital vision chart takes something that can make some children nervous and makes it fun. Most kids love playing with a tablet, so the digital vision chart makes the process more fun by having movies for kids to watch while helping us identify any low vision and visual system disorders.

In addition, all the technology we incorporate into our practice actually communicates with one another! This helps speed up many steps in the process. We are so happy to offer the technology already mentioned along with many other technological leaps to better allow us to help our patients.

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